Hostel Zebra

Hostel «Zebra» in Kazan

One of the biggest and modern hostels of Kazan with really Tatar hospitality! Near hostel: aquapark «Riviera», Kazan Arena stadium, Ice arena «Tatneft Arena», «Palace of water sports», Palace of single combats «Ak Bars», shop of house food of «Bekhetle».

20 minutes on transport: Kazan Kremlin, pedestrian street of Bauman. For you: 24-hour operating mode, light and cozy numbers, benevolent and sympathetic personnel.


Accommodation rules

1. The hotel is intended for temporary residence of citizens for the term coordinated with administration of hotel. After an agreed time frame the living is obliged to release number on request of administration. At desire to prolong the term of accommodation it is necessary to report about it to the hotel administrator not later than 2 hours to checkout time — 12 hours (time - Moscow). Extension of term of accommodation in the same number is possible only at absence on it the confirmed armor in favor of the third parties.

2. Placement in "Zebra" hotel of citizens of the Russian Federation is made in the presence of the document proving the identity, and foreign guests in the presence of the international passport, the visa and the migration card for children till 14 years in the presence of the birth certificate.

3. Placement in hotel of the persons which didn't reach 18-year age is made only with parents.

4. Payment form in hotel — cash, non-cash calculations and calculations for plastic cards. The settlement in hotel is made only after introduction by the guest of an advance payment (100%) for all estimated term of accommodation.

5. The payment for accommodation and additional services is carried out at the free (contractual) prices approved by the management of hotel.

6. The administration of hotel has the right to sign the contract for booking in an oral or written form. At delay the payment for the actual idle time of number or a place, but no more than in days is raised. At delay more than for days the reservation is cancelled.

7. The payment for accommodation is raised according to checkout time. Arrival time: 14.00, departure time: 12.00. From 0.00 till 12.00 — payment is raised only at the guaranteed booking, from 0.00 till 06.00 payment for full days, from 06.00 till 14.00 for a half of days. At hotel accommodation less than days the payment for the occupied number or a place is raised for full days. In case of a delay of departure of the guest the payment for accommodation is raised in the following order:

  • no more than 6 hours after settlement hour - hourly payment;
  • from 6 to 12 hours after settlement hour payment for a half of days;
  • from 12 to 24 hours after settlement hour payment for full days.

8. Accommodation of children till 7 years — is free (without granting an occasional seat).

9. Strangers can be in number at the request of living only with the consent of the administrator during the period from 8.00 till 23.00 o'clock on condition of registration on the basis of an identification paper and obtaining the map of the visitor. It is recommended to welcome guests personally in the central hall, and when leaving — to see to an exit from hotel.

10. Change of bed linen, towels and toilet accessories is made once in three days. At the request of the guest for an additional fee unplanned replacement of linen can be made. In numbers of the category Double, Twin, Suit , Apartments give all the best the following toilet accessories: soap, shampoo on each guest. Change of toilet accessories is made every day as required.

11. The hotel can refuse to the guest placement without explanation.

12. The visitors book is at the administrator and is issued on request of guests.

13. The "Zebra" hotel is glad to offer the guests without additional payment the following types of service (isn't included in number package):

  • delivery in number of correspondence after its receiving;
  • taxi call;
  • reveille by certain time;
  • call of ambulance;
  • use of the medical first-aid kit;
  • local telephone negotiations;
  • granting boiled water, needles, threads, one set of ware and tableware;
  • wi-fi.

14. The hotel renders to the guest additional services for a payment at his desire according to the list and the register of the prices of additional ulug.

15. The hotel doesn't bear responsibility for work of city services (an emergency shutdown of electric and thermal energy, water supply).

16. The living is obliged:

  • at an exit from number to close water folding cranes, windows, to turn off the light, the TV;
  • leaving hotel, to hand over a key to the manager on duty;
  • to show the "Guest card" on receiving keys;
  • to hand over number of the maid at departure from hotel;
  • to observe the accommodation order established in "Zebra hotel", to observe purity, silence and a public order in number and hotel;
  • strictly to follow fire safety regulations. In case of ignition it is necessary to report about it to the manager on duty immediately;
  • to have at itself "Guest card" and not to transfer her to other persons;
  • to indemnify loss in case of loss, damage or damage of property of hotel. The assessment of the caused damage is made on the basis of "the price-list of the prices of damage of hotel property";
  • to bear responsibility for actions of the visitors invited by it to themselves in number.

17. In hotel it is forbidden:

  • to leave in number of strangers in the absence, and also to transfer them room keys;
  • to drink alcoholic drinks and to use narcotic substances in the territory of hotel, to be in a condition of alcoholic or drug intoxication;
  • to store bulky things, explosive, flammable materials, the weapon, chemical and radioactive materials, mercury;
  • to keep in number of animals, fowls, reptiles;
  • to use heating devices if it isn't provided in a hotel room;
  • to smoke in numbers, corridors, halls, on a porch and other public places (in case of violation of this point of these rules and an instruction about fire safety regulations payment of 1000 rubles is raised from the guest);
  • to intrude upon leisure of the guests living in the next numbers.

18. In the absence of the guest in the place of residence more than two hours (after checkout time) without payment or the detection forgotten the prophetic guest, the hotel creates the commission, makes levy of execution of the guest who is in his number and (or) a safe deposit box. The hotel is responsible for safety of the prophetic guest and takes measures for return to their owner.

19. The administration doesn't bear responsibility for loss of the valuable things of the guest which are in number at violation of an order of hotel accommodation by it.

20. In case of complaints from the consumer the administration takes all possible measures for conflict settlement provided by the legislation.

21. The hotel has the right to refuse to the guest rendering services of accommodation and to move him from hotel in cases of violation of these rules, untimely payment for accommodation and the provided additional services.

22. In the cases which aren't provided by these rules, administration and guests are guided acting the legislation of the Russian Federation.